Giantess Tales

Giantess Tales

Monday, March 3, 2014

A short Giga Giantess Scene

Ashley hovered over the dinner plate sized city.

Her hair descended in the little city gently to her, but devastatingly to them. Outright crushing, and explosions ensued, not to mention towering skyscrapers entangled in locks that filled streets. She whispered--barely audible to her--a glass-shattering event to them: "I'm going to fuck your whole city." Those words echoed through the city for a long time.

After the rumble died down, she licked her lips. A drop of her saliva, the size of a city block bombed the city. It took almost half a minute to fall the few thousand feet from her blood-red lips. The spit was more viscous than water, and held its shape as it fell. It hit the ground almost as if it were a solid object. A car lot vaporized under the shiny, minty, glob. It slowly cascaded, and fell in on itself as it flooded 80 foot high waved that went for almost a mile. People struggled. If it were regular water many would have drowned, but the sticky nature of her saliva made the struggles even more futile. In addition to people and cars being pushed through the streets, the facades of buildings ripped off. She barely noticed.

She leaned in, and slowly licked. Her tongue got from one side of the city to the other in less than half a minute, a leisurely, sensual activity for her, but blinding fast tsunami of flesh and saliva to them. Little skyscrapers popped, and accumulated on her tongue as she kept going. The toll was in the hundreds of thousands and she was just getting started. She sat up slowly, with a mouth barely full of city.

"MMMMM" echoed from the sky above where the clouds would be if she hadn't brushed them out of the way as she sat up. Skyscrapers, busses, and people rained down from her hair as her thighs encircled the city, right next to her damp panties. They could tell she was just getting started as her massive toes curled in the distance, devastating two more towns. Her panties got wetter as she looked down with a wicked grin.


  1. Just wanted to say what a fan I am of all your giantess-related stuff. Your giga size images, videos, and stories are fantastic and I'm so glad that we've finally got someone as talented as you producing stuff at this scale!

  2. Not at all. I worried that you weren't getting enough praise, since people are so understandably reticent to comment on this sort of thing. But your work is very much appreciated.

    I particularly like the scenario above, with licking up a city, but it's very rarely seen. Hopefully you'll find a way to incorporate it into a picture or video one day.

    All the best.

  3. I love that scenario too! I'm planning some licking off some tiny cities soon. I love the idea of them on cakes or cupcakes.


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