Giantess Tales

Giantess Tales

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dominant Diane: Chapter 2

Two: Diane’s Favorite Place

With Diane’s lengthy, Amazonian strides, it didn’t take long to reach the now-defunct Quantum Projects department. She wanted it close.
She didn’t care about it at first, nerds being nerdy. Blah, blah, wolf, wolf. All she cared about at first is: will it make me money?
Nevertheless, as she was daydreaming during a meeting, something caught her that made the project very interesting indeed. And yes, the late Professor Markus had found a way to make her a boat load of money, but even more importantly, he found a way to give her more of what she desired that eclipsed even money: power.
Her mind raced at the possibilities. She poured money into the department more than any other, but all under cooked, secret books. Progress was steady, but painfully slow until finally, the good Professor Markus presented the working prototype. It was delicious. It was amazing. It was Hers.
It was not an ethical decision that caused her to hide the Quantum Matter Dislocator from the world. It was, if anything the opposite. Greed. Lust. Perversion.
And now she was here. She put her thumb on the electronic lock, then her eye up to another scanner. The door whirred open softly. She walked in, her pace quickening.
At first glance, one would wonder what all the fuss was about. Diane stood at a console in a small room. The devices themselves didn’t look finished. There were a few cables here and there, circuit board parts casually wired into bigger machines, and a large door right in the center of the far wall.
Diane paid none of this any mind as she started manipulating the console with perfectly manicured, long fingers.
She lazily slid a bar back and forth that changed both the Scaling Factor, and the Field Area bubble. She kept going back and forth with the scaling factor. Several zeroes appeared behind the decimal point before any actual number.
Next was a drop down menu with the heading: “Law of Physics Mode:”
She chose: BLENDED.
More choices about gravity, sound waves, and moisture surface tension appeared, and she worked with them. Never had scientific parameters gotten her so hot. She felt her breathing get heavier, and sweat rolled down the arch of her foot in her hot stockings.
She selected a location next. She remembered the look of confusion when she demanded the Professor’s team install a database of cities so she wouldn’t have to look up latitude and longitude. If only he were alive to see. Her laugh at the idea was not kind.
She scrolled through the locations and settled for one towards the top. Andropolis. A HUGE city. Now hers.
A bit more fiddling, and she was done.
She stood to her full height, an almost blank expression on her face, her lips quivering.
She pressed ACTIVATE.
The lights dimmed briefly. Then without much fanfare, a light above the door illuminated green.
She walked toward the door and pressed the open button. The door slowly parted and a light, cool breeze buffeted her hair around.
She was no longer a goddess in metaphor. But, to the inhabitants of Andropolis and the surrounding area, she was a real deity.

She took her first step through the door.

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