Giantess Tales

Giantess Tales

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Giantess Sinn Sage Part 2: Get it Now! Feet, Crush, Ass, Breast, Vore

Part 2: Buy it here and watch the preview!

When last we left our accidental goddess, she was crushing tiny cities by the dozens unaware they were even there.

Well now she knows we're down here...and she is not a goddess of mercy.

She starts out, regretting that she accidentally, unknowingly crushed so many tiny lives out of existence, with not to mention Trillions of property damage.

But the power, as it does so very often, corrupts her. And her power is the closest to absolute over these tiny cities as history has ever known.

Watch her crush them out with glee!

Get Part 1 here:

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