Giantess Tales

Giantess Tales

Friday, March 6, 2015

Giantess Sorceress and Her Micro Cities

I started working on my next clip.

Looks like she found a little city to play with!

The sorceress finds a spell book and thinks it doesn't work. Little does she know, it pulls tiny cities from all the corners of the world. She accidentally stomps on a few, then discovers them. Her lust for power turns to sexual lust. She dominates them with her feet, ass, and grinds on them sexually as she eats some of them for snacks.

There is dialogue!
It starts unaware. Then she plays with them.
Shoes, then stockings, then bare. Like I tend to like.
Lots of very sexual content, though still no nudity.
I just started this. I don't know when I will finish. I will update stills and clips as they become available.

I hope you like her. She's going to shoot a few videos with me.

Here are a few stills. And the spit video was from her video too.

She doesn't even notice them down there!

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