Giantess Tales

Giantess Tales

Saturday, February 13, 2016

La Géante / The Giantess - Charles Baudelaire's Fleurs du mal / Flowers of Evil

At the time when Nature with a lusty spirit
Was conceiving monstrous children each day,
I should have loved to dwell with a young giantess,
Like a luxurious cat at the feet of a queen.

I should have liked to see her flowering soul and body thrive
And grow larger each day to a more fearful size, 
without restraint in her terrible games;
To divine passionate longing, by the mist swimming within her eyes
If her heart harbored a smoldering flame;

To explore leisurely the hollows and the heights of her magnificent form;
To crawl upon the slopes of her enormous knees,
And sometimes in summer, when the oppressive sun

She would stretch out across the countryside to rest, 
I should have loved to sleep in the shadow of her breast, 

Quietly as a village nestling under a mountainside.

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