Giantess Tales

Giantess Tales

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Planet Sized Giantesses...coming soon!

I love the Micro Cities. And I will always do them!

But, I am also going to do some tiny people, like in the range of a few inches—perfect for using their whole tiny bodies for foot massages, pedicures, for popping into mouths, use as sex toys—down to an inch or less—able to fit between toes, ride a nipple like a bucking bronco, tossed in mouths by the hand fulls, and much much more.

I'm also going to do some skyscraper sized giantesses. A whole city the size of a foot...or a nipple is hot, but a little more interaction to a girl who is several hundred feet tall instead of several hundred miles tall.

But, don't fear micro and giga lovers. I'm not just using the shrink ray to make a giantess slightly less gigantic.

We're cranking the growth ray up so far we're breaking off the knob!

I'm talking planet sized.

As in this Goddess in this pic:

Except, that planet looks a little big almost. I think we'll have some tinier ones. All densely populated. I think Trillions will go down! A whole, advanced solar system. The toys of a sadistic goddess, or a spoiled brat with deviant intentions. Every thing her body does will be catastrophic to the little people. It will take extreme science fiction to make them survive at all, but the ease she can wipe them out is only part of the fun.

Look how long she can allow them to survive--in tact--or battered  in her mouth, on her tongue, in her panties, in her pussy--trying to control her lust so her walls don't crush the planet...or flood it. Can she grab one with her toes? Will it orbit her? Her head, her breasts...the size of suns to the tiny billions on her toy. Her toe! Maybe several planets will orbit her feet as they are resting on the coffee table.

But most of them will be snacks. Her fingers will wipe out continents--hey, she was trying to be careful! But the rest of the world, in tact, will have its air replaced by her minty breath. Her breath itself beyond hurricane-force winds that scour the planet's surface...though she was trying to be careful. But, she has to lick it first. Her tongue hits the planet like a bomb. Her saliva drips off like a tidal wave taller than the atmosphere almost. MMMMMMMMMMMM How long will the flood take to consume the planet? Will she crunch down on it first? Will she sneeze and disintegrate the planet? Will people survive on her tongue on huge land masses in pools of her saliva bigger than any ocean?

Well, there's only one way to find out...


  1. When Hot, Sweaty Tiny City Crush part II will be ready?

    1. I hope to have it done this next week, or first part of the week after.

    2. At long last! Giantess Tales Hot and Sweaty City Crush is in the store!


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