Giantess Tales

Giantess Tales

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

I'm starting a patreon and taking Custom Orders soon

 I hope you're doing well. I've been away for a while...well, more like lurking. 

Not a lot of details yet, but here. Look at this! 

Here's my lose plan on what to offer. Don't hold me to this:

  • Collages
  • Stories
  • Audio versions of the stories
  • Clips!
    • Short ones
    • experimental ones (maybe the fx aren't totally nailed, but it's still cool)
    • Classic stuff
      • Some of my favorite old scenes
      • Some unreleased footage of old shoots with your favorite giantess models
      • Some shoots I didn't finish the whole, longer clip of, again with yoru favorite models, that I will do a few scenes of
      • unedited raw content of some of your favorite models
    • New giantess clips with new models
  • Some giant male and shrunken woman stuff. 
  • Polls on what you want to see next.
I don't think every month will be all of these things, but I will make it worth your while. It will be a grab bag. I honestly can say, it will be things I want to see. So, if your giantess fantasies are even a bit similar to mine (or shrunken woman), then there will be a lot here for you every month. 

And again, some of these are guesses on what I will have. I haven't nailed them down yet, but when I decide the tiers--that hardest part--it will all be laid out. 

I miss doing this stuff. I'm going to start a Patreon and customs. I don't know that I will, for the moment, do much in the way of direct clip sales. Piracy is an easier to swallow pill when you don't have as much overhead and time involved in clip-making as I do, but it killed me to do a 20-40 minute clip where every shot is an FX Shot. So, the solution, is to make a bunch of shorter clips, like really short in some cases, like less than a minute, and maybe compile them in longer videos every now and then. 

Also, a lot of these links on previeous posts are not good. There was a problem with the store I originally sold clips off of, and they had to redo some things. I don't make any money off those clips, so it's not worth it to update it. If you wanted to buy any of them, let me know, and I can directly send a clip to you or something. 

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