Giantess Tales

Giantess Tales

My Giantess Videos for Sale

Here's a list of Giantess Videos I've produced.

Some, I've shot, edited, and done the FX. Some, I've merely edited and done the FX.


13. Mega Michelle vs. the Mini Military  (Edited, FX)

Giantess, paper cities, Feet, POV Shots, Ass, Vore, Handheld, FX

Now for Sale!

Michelle stumbles on  a ring with the power to change size of people who encounter it. She also stumbles on a tiny military who covets its power. She puts on the ring, and grows into a mega giantess. Her bad-ass rampage is a non-stop thrill ride of destruction and humiliation for the tiny people, as she crushes them with every part of her body you can fantasize about, and literally blows them away. Will the mini military prevail against the mega might of mischievous Michelle? Lots of foot crush with sexy sandals, butt crush, finger and hand crush, boob crush, biting, and more.


12. Hot and Sweaty City Crush Pt 2  (Shot, Edited, FX)

Giantess, Shrunken micro cities, Feet, POV Shots, Ass, Vore, Handheld

Now for Sale!

Our bored, bratty girl is back on this hot, sweltering day. She crushes more and more cities under her feet, but also sees what they taste like as she torments them with a Godzilla-sized gummy bear. A drop of goddess-sized toe sweat destroys a city, and then she decided to see how small the phone app can actually make them.

Lots of Bare foot crush again in this one, plus some vore, some sweat drowning, and some hand held.

11. Hot and Sweaty City Crush Pt 1 NOW FOR SALE! And Rent!  (Shot, Edited, FX)

Giantess, Shrunken micro cities, Feet, POV Shots, Ass

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Now for Sale!

A bored girl sits on her deck, sweating on a hot day. She finds a new app on her phone that transports tiny cities right at her feet. She discovers them and crushes them. Mostly bare foot crush in this one. Lots of great tiny, POV shots looking up at her as she towers over you.

10. Shrunken Cites of the Sorceress, Part II (Shot, Edited, FX)

Giantess, Shrunken micro cities, Vore, Feet, Stockings, Panties, ass breast, crush.

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The sorceress's spell book continues to manifest tiny cities from all over the globe! Now they're on her floor. She stomps them with her high heels, then her sweaty stockings, then finally her bare feet. Some also get crushed under her ass, breast, and she grinds on some in erotic abandon…flooding one unfortunate city. She eats a few as well for tiny measure. Will the cities ever stop coming? Will the Sorceress, for that matter? Tune in to find out! Shoes, stockings, bare, breast, ass, city as sex toy, vore, crush, mega, giga / micro.

9. Princess Stephanie's Tiny Intruder Crush (Shot, Edited, No FX)

Giantess, Shrunken Man / Woman, Vore, Feet, Stockings, Panties, ass breast, crush.

8. Shrunken Cites of the Sorceress, Part I (Shot, Edited, FX)

Giantess, Shrunken micro cities, Vore, Feet, Stockings, Panties, ass breast, crush.

The sorceress finds a spell book and thinks it doesn't work. Little does she know, it pulls tiny cities from all the corners of the world. She is a giantess, a goddess, to the microscopic shrunken cities! She accidentally stomps on a few, then discovers them. Her lust for power turns to sexual lust. She dominates and crushes them with her hands, feet, breasts, and eats some of them for snacks. She even plays with a few planes, and causes a tidal wave. Part 2 - coming soon.

7. Goddess Nicolette Tiny, Lesbian Worshippers (Shot, Edited, NoFX)

Giantess, Shrunken Women, Vore, Feet, Stockings, Panties.

Goddess Nicolette fell asleep for a nap, and the shrunken women in her house tried to tie her up. She accidentally eats one in her sleep. When she wakes up, she rubs them on her stocking-clad feet, puts them in her stocking, and in her panties. Will the appetites of this giantess be able to sated by these tiny, sexy women?

6. Goddess Nicolette in Bikini-Clad Micro City Crush (Shot, Edited, FX)

So much foot and ass crush! Some, unaware, some...very on purpose! 

The tiny cities, not even as big as Goddess Nicolette's foot, don't stand a chance.

At first, she is unaware they are there. She just wants to find a good place to lay out and get some sun. Her gigantic romp through their little world proves cataclysmic!

But, then she finds them. Maybe she'll be a merciful goddess? Nope. Her playful, curious side proves even more apocalyptic when she discovers them...and even more erotic for her. She starts getting overwhelmed by her own power, and the feeling of millions of people at her feet, and under ass.

Good thing there are tiny cities everywhere!

Lots of POV, lots of foot shots--with sandals and bare, ass crush, and other amazing views of Goddess Nicolette's amazing body as it towers miles over you!


5. Giantess Kendra's Cup Cake Cities (Edited, FX)

VORE to the next level!

Kendra James has expensive tastes, and the most sought-after delicacy is food with tiny cities full of people on them. She scores several cupcakes and has a feast on tiny sacrifices to the goddess. After consuming entire civilizations, she lets the rest of her divine body feel the sacrifices as she has messy fun with the other tiny cities, crushing them with her breasts, thighs, and of course her gorgeous feet. Lots of vore, and messy, ooey, gooey, giantess fun. My heart almost stops when cupcakes and skyscrapers squish up between her toes.

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4. Giantess Naughty School Girl City Crush (Shot, Edited, FX)

At normal size, she was a naughty school girl. But when she stumbles upon cities smaller than her foot, this 6'2" beauty is positively catastrophic. Watch her cruelly, casually destroy cities with the stomp of her foot, the gentle lowering of her toe, her breasts, her ass, and watch her eyes light up as she realizes how good they taste. She takes off her shoes, then to feel them under her sweaty stockings, then she takes those off to really feel the sacrifices to the goddess. Tons of FX and great closeups of her amazing feet! Plus some Ass and Breast Crush, and a little Vore.

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3. Giantess Nikki Rae's Foot Worship (No FX, Shot, Edited)

After a long night of dancing, Nikki Rae returns home with a shrunken party boy. She teases with her stocking-clad feet, then uses him to massage them. Then...he's her living sex toy. Lots of POV, and She plays with an action figure. Stockings, Heels, Bare, lots of simulated sex with a tiny guy.
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2. Sinn Sage's Micro City Mash! Part I and II (Edited, FX)

A bored Sinn Sage encounters a seemingly broken toy ray gun. She kicks off her hot, sweaty shoes as she plays with the broken toy. Little does she know the gun transports entire cities to the floor at...and under her feet. She paces and unknowingly takes out entire cities by the dozen as she idly plays with the toy. Will she ever realize that the cities are down there? And if she does...what happens next?

See another trailer, and buy it here:
Part 2 - She finds them and stomps on the, and crushes with her ass and breast, some whole city vore too!

1. Brandy's Micro City Massacre! (Edited, FX)

Brandy is a giga giantess who comes across several little cities. She barely notices them as she enjoys stepping on them. Her feet love the feeling...and she wants more.

Here's the first 30 seconds of it. There's more of a preview, and you can buy it, here:

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